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Collaborate / Contract

Website programming, design and print design available on a contract/freelance basis

I am available to work with a wide variety of clients including other designers, marketing consultants, printers, and ad agencies. Whether you need somebody to work in the background or somebody to work directly with your customers, I can help. Here are a few examples:

  • A larger business that has it's own design staff, but due to workload fluxuations may need an outlet to send overflow work to, without having to hire additional employees.
  • Businesses who are in a marketing or web-related field that offer design services to their customers as a courtesy, but not as their primary service.
  • Graphic designers who specialize in print design and need to have their layouts programmed for a website.
  • Other freelance designers who have a large project with a short deadline and need another designer to help complete the work on time.
  • Marketing consultants who need a designer to collaborate with on their customers' projects.

If your workload is getting heavy, I can help! Call 218-825-8393 today or click here to send an email.